How to determine the authenticity of the source you are using in your essay? 10 amazing tips
References or sources are very important to include in an academic document. Due to their importance, their authenticity means a lot. The use of an unauthentic source may jeopardize your entire research. Your complete academic document is based on relevant sources and if they lack credibility then such a source cannot be used. In the same way, you should also know the difference between primary and secondary sources so that you can use them accordingly.
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Whether you are writing a research paper, research essay, college essay, or dissertation. All these documents are incomplete without the use of authentic sources. It means on every academic level you need to make sure to use sources that are reliable from every possible perspective. I am writing some ten important techniques. By following these you can determine the authenticity of a source.
Accuracy and reliability
The accuracy of an academic source is very crucial only then it would fulfill the attribute of reliability. You need to compare and contrast the sources that you have already collected. The best way is to thoroughly examine disclaimers in this way you can determine the content or source accuracy. You need to make sure that the information is not misleading about a topic, it is then it is not an accurate source to use.
Authority and credibility
You should also look for a source, written and published by a reputable institution and author. If you are collecting data via utilizing online sources then URLs would be very important in this regard. In the same way, if a source is copyright-protected then it would mean that it is authentic to use. The heading of copyright can be found at the bottom of every webpage. The objectivity of your data is very important so make sure any research institution has not supplied a specific form of data.
Currency and timeliness
It is very important for you to get an updated source relating to your topic. It means a source should belong to a specific timeline. In terms of currency, you might need to allocate a budget to avail of the intended results. It is only because older sources would not help you until and unless they provide valuable information about specific research or facts and figures. You can determine the timeliness of a source by looking at the bottom of web pages. Look for the terms "revised" or "updated" to determine the website's data.
Coverage and relevancy
You should also consider the source's content and how well it meets your information demands. Determine whether it is relevant to your topic and if it handles the subject matter then it means it is relevant. If you're looking for a source that goes into detail on a topic then you need to make sure that it has enough information. If you need graphs or charts in your work then you should look for a source that includes them.
Take a closer look at the source
If you have a list of authors who have previously worked on the same topic then you can verify a source. You should know that the acquisition of reliable and authentic sources is very important. It means you also need to check the credentials of scholars, including the fact that they are really competent enough to write a journal article. You also need to check the publishing date, especially in the medical field where new research appears every day.
Search for additional information
When you come across information, try to double-check its authenticity and integrity by visiting other trustworthy websites. If you uncover a reliable site that contradicts your initial source, you may need to conduct additional research in order to find an authentic source. An academic essay writing service can help you a lot in finding the relevant data.
Logical relationship
The collocation of data is only one part while the important part is, it must be logical. Only a professional essay writer knows the difference between logical data and common data. If you want to check the authenticity of a source then make sure it is logical in terms of events, places, dates, names, and relationships. In the same way, it must be logical in terms of context, period, place, and people being studied.
Check the domain name
If you are collecting your data by using online means then you need to double-check the authenticity of a domain. You need to examine the three letters after the domain name, for example, “edu” (educational), “gov” (government), “org” and (nonprofit). These three are considered authentic sources while you should not quote a source from “com” (commercial) as it is not considered authentic. However, you can quote a news article published on a “com” website as those are considered reliable.
Objectivity or bias
A source should not contain an opinion as it would not help you in your essay. When I have to write my essay, I consider this point the most important because an objective or unbiased approach is very important in an academic article. It should not include any subjective approach otherwise you might jeopardize your research.
Purpose and intended audience
You need to determine the purpose of data collection so that you would be able to determine the authenticity of a source. The purpose may include providing information, persuading or advocating a certain point, entertaining, or selling products. As long as you are clear with your purpose then you can easily evaluate a source by deciding whether you can use it or not.
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